The Science, Technology and Environment Laboratory was founded in 1995 and is located at the 4th floor of Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, the largest state institution of higher learning in Greece.  Professor George Kalkanis is the Director of the Laboratory (1995 - today).

Educational activities of the Laboratory: Science education (theoretical and practical / experimental) of undergraduate students of Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of Athens’ University, science education and educational technologies of in-practice-teachers of primary and secondary education, theoretical science education and experimental practice in the Laboratory of postgraduate students of “Science and Education” Program of Pedagogical Department’s Postgraduate Studies.

Research Activities of the Laboratory: New Ways on Teaching and Experimentation in Science, Modeling / Simulation / Animation of Micro Cosmos (Monte Carlo methods), Sensors / Actuators driven by the Computer in Science Educational Laboratory, Information Technology Application to Science and Environmental Education, Distance Learning, Design, Application and Evaluation of Educational Simulations and Educational Software for Science and Technology, Participation in many National and International Experimental / Educational Programs (e.g. Scientific Responsibility of the Project "Science Teachers Training Across Europe: Establishing a Pathway for a Common Science Teachers Training Framework" – GA 2003-0194/001-001 SO2 61OBGE, Socrates, Act. 6.1, Scientific Responsibility of the Project "General Activities of Observation and Analysis", «e_Hermes: Development of a Pedagogical Framework for the implementation of ODL in Secondary Education – Handbook Compiling – Application in Environmental Education», European Commission, Project "Scientific and Cultural Aspects of the Bicycle: Investigations with International Teams Using Interactive Technologies", (Norfolk State University, University of Amsterdam, New Hampshire Technical College, University of Kiel, University of Nebraska, University of Vienna, Kalamazoo College, University of Athens, Kansas State University, University of Jyvaskylla), European Commission and U.S. Department of Education 1997-2000, Project "FIREES: Formation Interdisciplinaire aux Relations Energie - Environment - Societe" (Univ. Of Athens, Aveiro, Barcelona, Liege, Paris-7), DG XI, European Commission, 1995- 1997, Kalkanis G. et al, "Environmental Educational (micro-) Projects on the World Wide Web - School + Energy", 1996, Kalkanis G. Et al, "Environmental Educational (micro-) Projects on the World Wide Web - CO2 Tax", 1997, etc.)

The results of Laboratory’s educational and experimental activities are presented in a great variety of publications and presentations at international conferences and magazines.