George Kalkanis

Professor of Science and Information Technologies at the Science, Technology and Environment Section of the Pedagogical Department of Primary Education of the University of Athens (1998 up today), Director of the homonymous Laboratory (1995 up today). Formerly: Lecturer / Assist. Prof. of the Physics Dept. of UoA (1976-93), Corresponding Fellow, CERN (1990,91,92), Associate Fellow, CERN (1986-87), Scientific Associate, CERN (1984,85,88), Researcher, University of  Wisconcin / Madison (1982-83), Research Assistant, Harvard University (1981-82), Research Assistant, FermiLab (1980-81). Studies: PhD on Proton Decay (HARVARD - PURDUE - WISCONCIN experiment (1980-1984) MSc in Electronic Automation (1976-78), Degree on Physics (1967-72). Educational Activities: Teaching Physics and Information Technologies to undergraduate and graduate students of the Pedagogical and Physics Departments of the University of Athens. Research Activities: New Ways on Teaching and Experimentation in Science, Modeling / Simulation / Animation of Micro Cosmos, Sensors / Actuators driven by the Computer in Science Educational Laboratory, Information Technology Application to Science and Environmental Education, Distance Learning. Publications: 12 books, 22 research projects, 73 papers in proceedings of international conferences, 63 papers in international magazines, more than 1700 references.


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